Aida Studios

Welcome to the online home of Aida Studios: Lessons for voice, cello, violin, and viola!


Please click here to see our “frequently asked” questions, but feel free to contact us with your inquiries as well!

For more information, please click to email:

Tona Brown for voice and violin

Kevin Phillip Jones for cello and arranging/music writing

Aida Studios offers musicians of all ages the opportunity to pursue private vocal and instrumental instruction with highly experienced professional artist-teachers. It is our goal to help our students realize their full musical potentials by providing the very best fundamental techniques and methods. All enrolled students receive weekly private instruction, participate in semester recitals, and perform in both studio classes and master classes. Our students are also encouraged to perform in ensembles with their peers and participate in our summer clinics and group excursions.

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For more information, please contact:

Tona Brown for voice and violin

Kevin Jones for cello and arranging/music writing



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